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G DAN, (Chinese: G蛋), is a young Singapore-based company that specializes in importing and supplying high-quality preserved egg products—salted eggs, salted egg yolks, and century eggs—as well as fresh chicken eggs, to clients within Singapore. Our products are certified and approved by Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

We are committed to eggceeding eggspectation—offering unparalleled service and providing only the best eggs to our clients at competitive pricing.

Our goal is to grow into one of the leading egg suppliers in Singapore.



Century Egg

Made by preserving a duck egg such that the shell becomes speckled, the white becomes a dark brown gelatinous material, and the yolk becomes deep green and creamy.


Salted Egg

Made by preserving and soaking fresh duck eggs in brine or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal.


Salted Egg Yolk

Extracted directly from freshly-made salted duck eggs. Once extracted, they are carefully vacuum-packed and kept frozen at optimum storage temperature of -18 °C to prevent bacteria growth, thereby ensuring salted egg yolks of utmost quality.



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